Arm China Alcor with Cortex-M52 Example Subsystem for MPS3 (AN557)


Alcor is an ArmChina reference subsystem for secure System on Chips containing an Armv8.1-M Cortex-M52 processor. It is an MPS3 based platform with the usual MPS3 peripherals.

This platform port supports all TF-M regression tests (Secure and Non-secure) with Isolation Level 1 and 2.


For Armclang compiler v6.18 or later version is required.

Building TF-M

Follow the instructions in Building instructions.

Build instructions with platform name: armchina/mps3/alcor/an557



Provisioning bundles can be generated with the -DPLATFORM_DEFAULT_PROVISIONING=OFF flag. The provisioning bundle binary will be generated and it’s going to contain the provisioning code and provisioning values.


If -DPLATFORM_DEFAULT_PROVISIONING=OFF and -DTFM_DUMMY_PROVISIONING=ON then the keys in the tf-m/platform/ext/target/armchina/mps3/common/provisioning/provisioning_config.cmake and the default MCUBoot signing keys will be used for provisioning.

If -DPLATFORM_DEFAULT_PROVISIONING=OFF and -DTFM_DUMMY_PROVISIONING=OFF are set then unique values can be used for provisioning. The keys and seeds can be changed by passing the new values to the build command, or by setting the -DPROVISIONING_KEYS_CONFIG flag to a .cmake file that contains the keys. An example config cmake file can be seen at tf-m/platform/ext/target/armchina/mps3/common/provisioning/provisioning_config.cmake. Otherwise new random values are going to be generated and used. For the image signing the ${MCUBOOT_KEY_S} and ${MCUBOOT_KEY_NS} will be used. These variables should point to .pem files that contain the code signing private keys. The public keys are going to be generated from these private keys and will be used for provisioning. The hash of the public key is going to be written into the provisioning_data.c automatically.

If -DMCUBOOT_GENERATE_SIGNING_KEYPAIR=ON is set then a new mcuboot signing public and private keypair is going to be generated and it’s going to be used to sign the S and NS binaries.

The new generated keypair can be found in the <build dir>/bin folder or in the <install directory>/image_signing/keys after installation. The generated provisioning_data.c file can be found at <build directory>/platform/target/provisioning/provisioning_data.c


The provisioning bundle generation depends on pyelftools that’s have to be installed:

pip3 install pyelftools

To run the example code on Arm China Alcor with Cortex-M52 Example Subsystem for MPS3 (AN557)

To run BL2 bootloader, TF-M example application and tests in the MPS3 board, it is required to have AN557 image in the MPS3 board SD card. The image should be located in <MPS3 device name>/MB/HBI<BoardNumberBoardrevision>/AN557

The MPS3 board tested is HBI0309C.

  1. Copy bl2.bin and tfm_s_ns_signed.bin files from build dir to <MPS3 device name>/SOFTWARE/

  2. Rename tfm_s_ns_signed.bin to tfm.bin (Filename should not be longer than 8 charachters.)

  3. Open <MPS3 device name>/MB/HBI0309C/AN557/images.txt

  4. Update the images.txt file as follows:

    TITLE: Arm MPS3 FPGA prototyping board Images Configuration File
    TOTALIMAGES: 2                     ;Number of Images (Max: 32)
    IMAGE0UPDATE: AUTO                 ;Image Update:NONE/AUTO/FORCE
    IMAGE0ADDRESS: 0x00000000          ;Please select the required executable program
    IMAGE1ADDRESS: 0x00000000
  5. Close <MPS3 device name>/MB/HBI0309C/AN557/images.txt

  6. Unmount/eject the <MPS3 device name> unit

  7. Reset the board to execute the TF-M example application

  8. After completing the procedure you should be able to visualize on the serial port (baud 115200 8n1) the following messages:

    [INF] Starting bootloader
    [INF] Beginning BL2 provisioning
    [WRN] TFM_DUMMY_PROVISIONING is not suitable for production! This device is NOT SECURE
    [INF] Image index: 1, Swap type: none
    [INF] Image index: 0, Swap type: none
    [INF] Bootloader chainload address offset: 0x0
    [INF] Jumping to the first image slot
    [INF] Beginning TF-M provisioning
    [WRN] TFM_DUMMY_PROVISIONING is not suitable for production! This device is NOT SECURE
    [WRN] This device was provisioned with dummy keys. This device is NOT SECURE
    [Sec Thread] Secure image initializing!
    TF-M isolation level is: 0x00000001
    Booting TF-M v2.0.0


Some of the messages above are only visible when CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE is set to Debug.


If -DPLATFORM_DEFAULT_PROVISIONING=OFF is set then the provisioning bundle has to be placed on the 0x10022400 address by copying encrypted_provisioning_bundle.bin and renaming it to prv.bin, then extending the images.txt with:

IMAGE2ADDRESS: 0x00022400

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