Build configuration

All configuration options are provided by cmake variables, and their default values, with docstrings, can be found in config/config_base.cmake.

Configuration is provided in multiple stages. Each stage will not override any config that has already been set at any of the prior stages.

  1. Command-line variable settings are applied.

  2. If the TFM_EXTRA_CONFIG_PATH variable has been set, that file is loaded.

  3. If TEST_PSA_TEST is set, then PSA API test related config is applied from config/tests/config_test_psa_api.cmake.

  4. If it exists, CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE specific config is applied from config/build_type/<build_type>.cmake.

  5. Target specific config from platform/ext/target/<target_platform>/config.cmake is applied.

  6. If CRYPTO_HW_ACCELERATOR is set, then a config specific to the accelerator type is applied if it exists.

  7. If it exists, TFM Profile specific config is applied from config/profile/<tfm_profile>.cmake.

  8. config/config_default.cmake is loaded.

  9. If TEST_S or TEST_NS or other single test suite config like TEST_NS_ATTESTATION (see Tests configuration) is set, then config from ${TFM_TEST_REPO_PATH}/test/config/set_config.cmake and ${TFM_TEST_REPO_PATH}/test/config/default_ns_test_config.cmake or ${TFM_TEST_REPO_PATH}/test/config/default_s_test_config.cmake or ${TFM_TEST_REPO_PATH}/test/config/default_test_config.cmake is applied.


This means that command-line settings are not applied when they conflict with required platform settings. If it is required to override platform settings (this is not usually a good idea) then TFM_EXTRA_CONFIG_PATH should be used.